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Thread: Stomach Pains

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    Stomach Pains

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    I'm sure this has come up before, but I couldn't find a topic similar to mine.

    Yesterday I pretty much had only meat and very little fiber. Today I had some eggs (4) and then some spinach. I do get stomach pains from time to time, but I noticed that the pains came when I ate the spinach (nothing on the spinach). It hurt for quite a while. Maybe I didn't chew my food enough.

    I still feel a bit queasy but I think I'll be fine. Any thoughts?

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    Weird, yesterday I bought lunch at a cafe and it included spinach, which is something I don't normally eat. A few hours later I was sick in the stomach and half wanted to throw up and half not. Now I wonder whether the spinach is the culprit?

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    I have gotten nauseous many times after eating organic baby spinach. It came pre washed in a container and I never used to wash it before eating. Now I always rinse it off well and I don't get nauseous anymore. Could be some bacteria contamination.

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    Hmm. I really hope it wasn't the eggs. lol

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