1st Month Results:

It's been about a month since going primal and I've dropped 14 lbs. This is particularly ridiculous when you consider that I just can't manage to lose weight while breastfeeding. It took me a year to lose the baby weight from my first daughter, and almost all of that was at the end.

This has been the most effortless and awesome change ever. It turns out I probably have celiac disease, since cutting out grains I haven't had any IBS symptoms at all.

I have no desire to cheat since it will most likely mean dizziness, living on the toilet and if I have dairy or soy my baby gets really, really sick for a week or two. Pain is such a great motivator.

I started at a size 16 and I'm now in a 12. In a month. Holy crap.

I still have a bit of weight to lose. 20lbs and I will be at my pre-pregnancy weight but ideally I would like to be around 130. But honestly weight is just a number. I want to feel, sleep and eat better.