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Thread: A refocusing

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    A refocusing

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    Primal nut bars, vegan cheesecakes, heaps of coconut butter, chocolate, chestnuts, kale chips. This has gotten ridiculous! Instead of 80/20 I've been eating 20/80!

    In an effort to refocus on what's IMPORTANT for my body I will be spending this next week eating only base foods. Nothing that's been put together, nothing deliciously assembled or processed and jarred. I haven't been eating nearly enough MEAT, VEGETABLES, FRUIT, ACTUAL FOOD.

    That's my goal this week. I put all the ingredients together myself with an emphasis on meat and vegetables, no filling up on spoonfuls of almond butter or PB desserts. Anyone else up for a week of centering before the holidays really hit?

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    Glad to see you again! I did something very similar on Monday. Feels good to be back on track. The first 24 hours is hard, but then it's just awesomely Primal.
    Let me know if I can help!
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    Yes, I'm in. I've been getting lifted on almond butter again...

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    Perhaps it's because I live alone. Perhaps it's because I no longer have a stove or oven. Whatever. My grocery list is very simple and I love every meal I make. I don't make substitute anything. I don't have primal pizza or substitute bread for a make-do sandwich. I don't wish I could, either. When I indulge, it's something strange and weird and new (like hard cider, at the moment). I love how it simplifies my life.

    I've politely accommodated my host/hostess, not wanting to bring attention to myself and ... DONE! Done with that. Next event I attend, I'll take what's primal and if anyone asks (and who would?), I'll just say that it all looks delicious, but I'm not real hungry ... I'm quite happy with my choices.

    Yeah. This is not a religion, you know? You're not going to hell for your food choices. This is your life and you have choices. You may not always like what's on the menu but, in the end, it's your choice. It's your stomach, your health ... your choices are not contingent on anyone else.

    It's all yours and more power to you.

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