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Thread: Cleaning the freezer

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    Cleaning the freezer

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    In preparation for loading up on Thanksgiving turkey, I cleaned the freezer today. Boy, I sure am a pack-rat! I found: two pot roasts, about 5 pounds of ground beef, 1 pound of ground turkey, a few pounds of chicken sausages, a few pounds of meatballs, some salmon burgers, and a pack of meatloaf/mashed potato "muffins" from Trader Joe's; those are getting eaten for breakfast tomorrow after my workout!
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    We just got a freezer...and now I need to get a small dry-erase memo thing for the fridge where we can list what's in the freezer so we don't need to go into the basement to dig through the cold stuff to see what's in there.

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    I just looked in my freezer earlier to see what I had to defrost for tomorrow and all that is in there is some salmon and halibut and a bunch of veggies and some frozen berries! How the heck did that happen? Have we actually been eating at home that much that I ran out of stock in the freezer? It is a good thing, room for turkey and for the order we are about to put in for the locally raised meats, yum!!!

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