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Thread: Vitamin D/Calcium Confusion-Need Advice

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    Vitamin D/Calcium Confusion-Need Advice

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    Hello all you Primal People!

    Got a question for you all. I was recently reading some information on this website regarding supplements when I noticed a comment on an earlier post (forgive me, can't remember where I saw this) that mentioned calcium is not as important for your body as vitamin D is for your body. Really?

    On Mark has a vitamin D supplement that 1) is in credibly affordable and 2) has a great deal of vitamin D. ooo!!! Talk about a bang for your buck! I like this! However, I noticed that Mark's supplement only has 50 mg of calcium. That got me thinking, so allow me to pose a question to you all.

    What exactly should you be supplementing yourself with in terms of building strong bones? I exercise primally and I know that helps with bone density and strength, but I am confused about this whole calcium vitamin D thing. What is more important? How much calcium do you need to take? Do you need to take calcium at all? Or is vitamin D whats really important?

    Thanks guys! I'd really apprecaite the feedback!


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    All of your questions are answered at the above link, and below in my sig line at the 'google docs' link.


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