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Thread: *sigh* My mother's health...

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    *sigh* My mother's health...

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    Can I vent?
    My mother is very unhealthy and going downhill, but thinks she's just aging. She has been having leg pains and saw a doctor about the pains. Apparently, she hurt herself at work lifting 4 gallons of antifreeze. She said the doctor was discussing the option of a hip replacement, though my stepdad thinks the doc was just relating a story about another patient. She also has MS and pays over $600 a month for medications in copays. She's also obese. I WANT to tell her that there are people her age who can run laps around me, that she could probably find a way to take less medication and be happier for it, that she has a duty to her grandchildren to stay healthy (she used this one on my grandmother when i was younger), that she could easily lose weight (which would help her energy levels), and that she could do all of that without buying "health" food or even going organic. But, she's stubborn and doesn't want to hear a word. She has always assumed that I think I'm better than she, and my input (about anything) has never been welcome, so I know that I can't say anything about it. She's only 50! I know MS affects energy levels, but that doesn't mean she can't eat well. Thanks for listening.

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    That must be so hard. 50 is WAY to young to be writing anything off as aging. I'll be 50 in just over 3 years....way too early to start throwing in the towel.

    I have no words of wisdom. It's almost impossible to change other people who aren't open to it. With the unnecessary pain your mom is in, that just sucks!

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    This is always hard. You're never going to convince someone of something they don't want to hear. How does your stepdad feel about things? Perhaps if he's willing to make a change, she would eventually get on board? Sounds like she will either figure it out on her own, or she won't. Not much you can do. *Hugs*

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    I hear ya. My ma is pretty sick too. Diabetes, several heart attacks, a stroke in her 30s, open heart surgery (quintuple bypass), pain disorder, neuropathy, emphysema, asthma, arthritis. She's 52 but her body is way older. She takes scores of pills every day. She tries to make some healthful changes, but she won't give up sugar and she thinks that the sacrifices I make (no bad carbs) are over the top and a little silly. I try to encourage her when she does make changes, like recently losing some weight. I wish she was healthier because I want her to be around for my kids' weddings, but in the end she's an adult and has to make her own choices. I myself wouldn't take to kindly to *her* trying to tell *me* how to eat or exercise, and I try to keep that in mind.

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    I'm sooo sorry, saoirse.
    I understand. My mother has the same thyroid issues I do, but the doc won't change her levels except by bloodwork (he goes by the old ranges), so she has ALL those symptoms. She doesn't eat well (by any definition.) Her mother died at 72 and my mother is doing her damnedest to follow in her footsteps, it seems like. She says "Oh, I drink Kool- aid and not Cokes, so that's better. I eat pasta and not vienna sausages, that's better." I keep trying to convince her that Primal would do wonders for her (she's already had to have a herniated disc removed, she's not obese but carries an extra 20-30 lb, she doesn't heal quickly, Major suicidal depression- the variant I had before getting my thyroid taken care of and eating right, yadayada), but she hears "no grains, more veggies" and shuts down.
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    Thanks for the empathy guys. Unfortunately, my mom is so defensive about everything i do, that she doesn't even know what I eat or what i think is healthy. she probably thinks i eat tofu dogs and canola oil. if she would even listen to me, she would find that our diets have more in common than she thinks, i've just cut out the crap and eat fresh vegetables, food, ya know?

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    Your mother may be 'conditioned' to ascribe everything to 'aging' by her doctors! I'm 69, and when I hit menopause, I began to have severe symptoms of hypothyroid (I think I was hypo even earlier). Everything I mentioned to my primary, he attributed to 'aging,' and he suggested that I just needed to adjust to fatigue, etc. as 'normal' for my age.

    Fortunately, I took control of my health care, saw an endo, and was appropriately medicated. At 69, my thyroid hormones are the only Rx I take, and my BP, glucose, cholesterol, etc. are all optimum. I eat primally and exercise regularly--and now weigh less than I did in high school.

    I've found that most doctors believe that people won't make lifestyle changes, so they don't suggest them and just 'comfort' patients by telling them that they're 'fine.' And, of course, people like your mother have been conditioned to listen to their doctors rather than their children when it comes to health issues.

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    Oh man I totally relate! My mother is not even 50 but after a lifetime of vegetarianism and a grain-based diet she has a ton of health problems, including arthritis and frequent cancer scares. Now that she's seen the changes in me due to Primal she even *acknowledges* that eating meat or fish would be healthy, but she still just refuses to do it! She's also been putting on weight and knows that it's because she eats so many fried snacks throughout the day rather than actual meals with real food, but she and my dad are fad dieters, right now they think that pooping 3x/day is the key to losing weight. I suppose there's also some question of whether she's approaching menopause and putting on weight at her age is just normal, but I keep telling her that she'd be able to influence her hormonal fluctuations through diet.
    It's so frustrating to see people close to you do such unhealthy and misleading things rather than actually taking control of their lifestyle.
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    This whole country is killing itself....with a fork.

    I go to a physical therapy clinic twice a week. I look around, and everyone is SO unhealthy....gray and swollen and carb-faced and huge.

    I feel for you, Saoirse, I really do. My mom had diabetes and was eating herself to death before the emphysema from years of smoking got to her at 61. So I understand the frustration and the helplessness.
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    I totally sympathize- sometimes I feel like my mom is TRYING to be as unhealthy as possible. For instance, breakfast every morning consists of pancakes smothered, and I mean smothered with margarine and syrup, along side a tall glass of milk with 2 or 3 heaping spoons of Nesquick. She frets about her weight, has thyroid problems and probably only gets about 5 hours of sleep a night. I worry so much about her. I too understand all the frustrations here Ladies.
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