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    This is fun DR.

    QOTD: 2 - my ears

    DI: Indian Carrot Salad. Grated carrot + lots of lemon juice + chopped green chilli and cilantro + salt, tempered with mustard seeds and red chili spluttered in coconut oil

    WR: Did 15 min of weights, squats and dips this morning

    FR: I'd limited drinking coffee with milk to only the weekends after taking up the challenge but I find myself drinking it everday since the challenge ended. I'm having a BAS for lunch, it looks very pretty with the yellow and red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and figs and feta. I'm having it with raspberry vinaigrette.

    NPR: Yeah, I listen to it on my commute to work :P I'm attending a family wedding this weekend. I have to try very hard to not give unsolicited advice but if people ask, I'll tell them. I hope I can convert a few. Also, I'll be totally non-primal this weekend, can't avoid it.

    Diana, I have to try your carrot chips soon.

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    Haha maba that's what I almost said about NPR! I went YAY NPR in my head NPR and public television (gotta lova NOVA) are my favorites.

    PJAP we've been using our jalapenos in practically every recipe we can think of! I love love love the taste of fresh jalapenos in place of red pepper flakes or cayanne pepper in anything, eggs, meat, stirfry, whatever Although everyone keeps mentioning jalapeno poppers, and anything stuffed with bacon then wrapped with bacon has to be good.

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    QOTD: Only one per ear!

    DI: Carrots--raw, plain is my favorite since childhood

    WR: Trying to get myself to go do a workout this afternoon--it's so damn hot in SoCal right now.

    FR: I want to make some cashew-butter muffins this weekend--I find that breakfast is my biggest challenge for taking time to cook.

    NPR: I'm going kayaking later today, and I have to admit, Diana, that my biggest fear was the same as yours (and I have a sit-inside kayak). But. . .you'd be AMAZED how fast instinct kicks in and you slide right out of that sucker--I took a class and they made us tip over on purpose so we could practice. Getting back in was actually the hardest part.

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    QOTD: Standard ear piercings. No tats.

    DI: Didn't like them for most of my life, but now I use them daily. Favorite? Sliced thinly on a diagonal and lightly sauteed in butter and seasoned with a hint of dill.

    WR: Sore all over from hard strength workouts the last couple days. Taking today off but will be extra-active around the farm.

    FR: Cooking a bunch of meals at once today to take camping over the weekend.

    NPR: The camping will be at an equine endurance race. It'll be my mare's first -- hope it's not TOO much of an adventure!

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    QOTD: Tattoos - Canadian floral emblems on my left arm, Japanese "Integrity" on my right wrist, Dragon and flowers on my right arm that is currently being merged with a phoenix and flowers on my back. I am getting more work done on it in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait. All piercings are filled in, no longer in use.

    DI: Carrots, love them. I started container gardening this year and my carrots should be ready soon.

    WR: Increased the intensity significantly on the weights this week and am feeling it. Feels good.

    FR: I switched from Splenda to Stevia this week, but am having a hard time with the flavor of Stevia.

    NPR: I am reading "Guns, Germs, and Steel" based on Marks suggested readings. Very interesting, although not Dan Brown.

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    QOTD: no tatoo's I don't volunteer for pain

    had enough of it in this lifetime.

    DI: carrots cooked wiht a big pot roast

    WR: kicked butt at my bootcamp class last night, a bit sore today.

    FR: going to the trail to do sprints today for the first time. it is sunny yippe. going to make coconut bread this weekend and pork chops with mustard sauce for dinner.

    NPR: besides my body I am doing some spirit work and reading "the Journey within" great book and trying to get more into meditation!

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    QOTD: No tats, had my ear pierced long ago

    DI: Shredded carrots over a big 'ol salad

    WR: I got my butt seriously kicked and now I'm all bandaged up from my workout yesterday... here's a pic:

    FR: I'm doing an iFast today... but makin some BBQ spare ribs to break the fast at about 8pm tonight. Lookin forward to that!

    NPR: Happy Friday and Labor Day weekend everyone!!


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    QOTD: No tats, but I have my tongue and both nipples pierced. Got my first nip done when I was 35. Other one a month later when I thought it looked lonely. Tongue followed six months later. I stopped there. Never had my ears done, never wanted to. I have small delicate ears with hardly any lobe, and I like them as they are.

    DI: Love raw carrots. At one stage I ate enough that my palms started turning orange. Have been v.low carbing recently so carrots have been out, but not permanently

    WR: Been doing weights a lot this week - holiday next week so I'm making sure I get in as much as I can before I go. I have terrible squat form so have been working on that by adding box squats to my routine.

    FR: A colleague took me to lunch today for helping her with her project. I had a spinach salad with chicken, goats cheese and pine nuts. (She had pasta). It was delicious.

    NPR: I'm flying to Korea tomorrow for a Korea and Japan rollercoaster holiday. I am crazy about theme parks. I guess I'm an adrenaline junkie. This is my first trip to Asia so I'm really excited. PS, I'm 42, and I refuse to grow up.

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    Fantastic Friday Primals!

    QOTD: I have no tattoos - yet - but I have three piercings: a captive bead in each earlobe and a labret-type stud above that in the right ear. These were done about four weeks ago and the left one is still healing.

    DI: I don't have a clue what to do with carrots. They're too sweet, so they're verboten for me.

    WR: I've noticed that aerobics spikes my sugars, but lifting doesn't. It's almost enough to make me scream with frustration, because aerobics is a lot more fun for me (I love to dance).

    FR: Last night we had a friend over and I made my broccoli beef with ribeye steak and cauliflower rice. She raved over it and wanted the recipe.

    NPR: We have our kids this weekend. I can't wait; I miss them so much! And it's the older one's 12th birthday on Monday, so we're celebrating it this weekend.

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    Three piercings, all in my ears. One lower-back tattoo.

    Baby carrots are candy!

    SO sore from lifting yesterday (but it's a good, clean pain), will just walk today ;-)

    Still full from (late) dinner yesterday; havin coffee.


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