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    Talking Re SAD... My Mummy bought me one of these....

    Had 30 mins at mid-intensity earlier and I'm all Tiggerish now! BOING!!!

    Can't recommend it highly enough. It's rather surreal actually; I'm wearing a pink T-shirt but, because the light's blue, it turns my shirt purple, but the stitching stays pink.

    I'm also wearing a pink, yellow, green, purple & black stripy tunic-cardi. it's shades of green & purple under the lights. It's like being in a club (not that I'd know anything about that... I've never been in a club).

    I was a mess this time yesterday. Now I could run round the block. Twice. Without stopping. 'Cept it's raining and 22:45!

    Hugs all!

    Sarah xxx
    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    You sound really happy. Good for you. Light really affects us in ways we don't know. Just a question, how much sun do you get?

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    Awwww. That's GREAT, Sarah!
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    good for u for the mood elevation and joy!

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    Wow... that thing is NEAT! So glad you're feeling better!

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