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Thread: For All Who Have Served or Are Serving in the Military

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    Yes. Thank you. Very much.

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    My Grandfather fought in WW2 and liberated one of the concentration camps, my dad is a vet too serving with the Army and police force here in Northern Ireland, and my husband did two tours in Iraq in the U.S Marine Corps. Thanks to everyone who has served or is serving!

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    You're welcome

    I too have others to thank, my brothers Jim and Conor, my cousins Danny and Brian. My various uncles and both of my grandfathers. My Aunt Val and her husband James. And the multitude of friends I have met in my 17 year journey. And, although he has never worn the uniform of an armed service, my husband who is a hero in my eyes because he makes it possible for me to do my job without worry about my children and their well being.

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