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Thread: Alzheimers and Cholesterol

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    Alzheimers and Cholesterol

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    Wow, this article is stunning for the difference between the research findings and the editorial recommendations.

    Research: high cholesterol does not predict Alzheimer's (in fact, lower cholesterol in old age compared to middle age is strongly correlated with the disease).

    Editorial recommendations:
    "Although the study found no evidence that elevated midlife cholesterol predicts Alzheimer’s disease, managing high cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors in middle age could still be an effective strategy for lowering risk, experts tell WebMD."

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    Yes, yet again, no matter what the science points to or the studies show, the "experts" are still going to say that eating low fat and lowering cholesterol is the correct approach to preventing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and alzheimers......

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