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Thread: Primal Plan

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    Primal Plan

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    Has anyone used this I was wondering if it would be worth it. I am horrible about menu planning and end up spending way too much money on food. Would love some reviews if anyone has used it.

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    i can see how that might be helpful in terms of planning out your meals, but it would definitely be too regimented for me. admittedly, i do most of my shopping for the week in one trip so i am planning what i'm going to eat, but i try to leave a lot of room for variety and fasting. additionally, it looks like following those weekly plans could be more expensive than if you were to create your own. at first i wanted mark to tell me exactly what i should eat and do, but i've gotten a lot more out of this from discovering my own personal wants and needs.
    i suggest you use those plans as a guide, and not follow them to the letter. the PB is a lifestyle, and that means it's going to take some learning, adaptation and decision making, and it will be harder to stay primal/paleo (in my opinion) if someone else is making is making all your choices for you.

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    I haven't used it, too structured for me, but if you think it'll help, go for it!! I love the recipe page!

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