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And why would that make them any safer? The COMPOSITION of the light has bugger all to do with whether you'll develop skin cancer - it's the proximity to your body; 2 minutes on a sunbed is the equivalent to 20 minutes in the sun at the hottest part of the day (between 11 & 3).

Why risk it? Seems a completely fuckwitted thing to want to do when you can take a softgel without risk.

But it's your life - if you want to kill yourself, who am I to try to stop you...?
yeah...cancer is all about distance...

oh the drama

as someone else from Australia, I confirm what amberlee says, something to do with UVA rays vs UVB rays, Maybe google Cancer Council Australia, because there were pretty hard core advertisements down here about it. I am sure the science is a lot more precise that flipping distance, but u shoud check it out further if you are concerned.