Hello again, this morning I'm feeling the aftermath of my binge last night. Tongue feels fuzzy, stomach feels irritable, guilt set in after the binge but I'll try and forget about it.

thanks for the support, it's much appreciated.


Yes my plan was to do 3 days of strength training at about 45 min per session, I have a fairly active job so I would have thought the 100g limit would have been okay. I've tried a 5 day split routine in the past working each body part seperatly, did not acheived many results, thats why I'm trying something new like strength training, I would be classed as a beginner in terms of never doing a proper strength training routine but I'm not completely new to it, I would love to see beginner gains if you still think I'm one. I cant lift much weight so hopefully this will help me acheive this.

Another note on the carb amount is that I've tried very strict low carb diets in the past and from what I've read on Marks Article http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-t...mal-blueprint/ very low carb may not be neccesary for me, I dont want to drop weight to quickly like I have in the past and then come to a complete stop.

One thing I dont want to do is make this feel like a strict diet that will have a end date, I know I said I will do the 30 day challenge but it will carry on, it's just a way of having a goal to keep me motivated. I want to enjoy doing it and a simple set up like this will help me, doing 5 days a week with 30g carbs or less seems uneccesary but thats what I've done in the past and the results were not good, binge eating, worrying I'd gone over by a few grams of carbs becuase I was on so little, the only real veg/fruits I had was when I splurged/binged (once a week) oh and it wasn't on veggies but maybe some fruit. I had the mentality, more is better so I would try and avoid carbs altogether and go as low as 15g per day. The primal way seems like something I can stick with.

Hopefully I'll build lean muscle while reducing fat without depriving myself of important nutrients.

I'll keep you posted for sure, maybe when I'm ready I'll add some pics as Mark metioned we can do that now.

Thanks again to all of you