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Thread: Leaky gut question

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    Leaky gut question

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    I've heard the term "leaky gut" used alot on this forum and in some of Mark's blogs. It was on the terms that never made sense to me from a physiological/anatomical perspective. Has anyone seen an actual intestine? Or just read about the layers in a book. It's not designed to let stuff out. Anything digested is supposed to be digested into the blood stream via vessels running through the intestinal wall. A true leaky gut would cause peritonitis or some other abdominal infection wouldn't it? Someone please explain to me how this concept works. Thanks!

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    Here's a pretty good explanation:
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    Another question, is leaky gut a condition which is only recognized in the "alternative medicine" world or do conventional MDs acknowledge it's existence. Navigating the seas between conventional and alternative can be tricky.

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