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Thread: Ardi,' Oldest Human Ancestor, Unveiled page

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    Ardi,' Oldest Human Ancestor, Unveiled

    Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
    READ THE BOOK! Robb Wolf says: "Trying to convince people to save their own ass will burn you out."

    Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for -- the pure enjoyment of food. Anthony Bourdain

    and yes, calories DO count my little piggies

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    Didn't Ardi had a buddy named Aurel. Anyway, I enjoyed the post. Anthropology is one of my best things to study.

    Never did believe that humans were in a linear relationship with chimps, nor with bonobos, the third smaller ape. I mean, afterall, humans have a better concept of style. Have you ever noticed the way chimps dress?
    Tayatha om bekandze

    Bekandze maha bekandze

    Randza samu gate soha

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