OK, so I finally decided to start keeping a journal here. I've always been more of a recluse, but trying to change that.

A little history: I came to MDA back in Feb. I had reaaly let myself go and had ballooned up to about 250 lbs. Needless to say I was pretty miserable. As I was looking to make a change I started looking into kettlebells, still had no clue as far as diet goes. The kettlebells led to look into crossfit. It was never something I could afford, but I ripped of as much of the free stuff from there site as I could. Thr local affliate talked a lot about paleo and had links to MDA and Cordain's site. I started with Cordain since I was still scared of the fat. But the more I got into it the more I read. The more I read the more I started to lean more towards Mark and PB. So now here it is 8 months later and I'm now down to 185 lbs and have more energy than I've had for a very long time.

I try to stick with Mark's laws as best as I can. My biggest areas that I fall short are the sleep and stress. I have a pretty stressful job, along with the ussual wife, kids, mortgage, and money type stuff. I work the night shift so sleep patterns are all over the place. My kids are still little and don't fully understand the need for them to be quiet while dad sleeps during the day.

Breakfast: 6 strips of bacon, 5 eggs and about 3/4 cup diced onions all fried up in the bacon grease. 2 1/2 cups of coffee with heavy cream.

Dinner: hamburger patties with onion slices, a kosher pickle, and dijon mustard.

Work-out: I had been sick for the last week and hadn't been able to do anything so I was looking forward to it today. But once I got started I was hurting.

Kettlebell set 1: first right side then repeat on left
10 swings
10 snatches
10 high pulls
10 cleans
10 clean and press

Set 2: same as above but dropped down to 5. Not feeling good.

Dumbell rows. 3 sets of 10

Pushups: 3 sets. 20-15-10

Sandbag cleans. 1 set of 8

Sandbag front squates: 3 sets of 10

Very abbreviated workout. I guess that flu bug took more out of me than I thought. I'll try again come Wednesday and hope it works out better.

Well there you have it. My 1st entry. I hope this will keep me honest and give me something to look at for answer when I hit another plateau. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.