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Thread: Move slow, burn fat. Really?

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    Move slow, burn fat. Really?

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    I am a huge fan of the "Move slow and sprint sometimes" aspect of primal blueprint fitness.
    I am avoiding "chronic cardio" (thank god!), moving slowly and starting with Tabata sprints on a bike.

    For years I have "known" that there is a "fatburn" heart rate and the fat literally melts away while training in that zone. Also, I never questioned the statement that the fatburn effect only kicks in after about half an hour.

    Now, having talked to fitness proŽs and people I reckon are experts I must learn that there is no such heart rate zone and that there is a difference between fatburn and the simple training of the fat metabolism at a moderate heart rate. Correct? It seems that the fat metabolism kicks in about after a minute, not 30+. They say all available sources of energy always work parallel, not one after the other with increasing heart rate.

    Also there is the claim that training at a heart rate of 75% and more is much more effective for fat loss due to the negative caloric balance. Unfortunately this collides with primal blueprint fitness.

    Of course IŽd like to optimize my training and fitness and IŽd love to lose those nasty last couple of pounds we all know about.

    Who can help me clear up that confusion a little?

    Should I stop excercising 1 hour+ at a slow heart rate? Should I only do Tabata sprints, as they are very effective in training the fat metabolism as well? Should I train at a heart rate of about 75% instead of 60-65%?

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    Who wants to train above 75% for long periods? That's what sprints are for.

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    Lift some heavy things. Nothing burns fat like lean muscle.

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