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    Meat grinders?

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    I want to be able to make my own sausage and ground beef. Any suggestions of a decent, but not to expensive grinder? I do not have a KitchenAid mixer, so can't get the attachment.

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    Try finding a heavy, old-fashioned non-electric meat grinder (bonus, get an upper body workout while you grind). The one I use was my grandmother's, but for examples of the kind I'm talking about I found this site

    [I'm not recommending that site or their products, I don't know anything about them, I'm posting it just to show you what I'm talking about.]

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    Can't specifically talk to the meat grinders but Lehmans is an AWESOME company. Good quality stuff from what I have seen!

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    If you have restaurant supply store near you, they might have a decent priced, decent sized one. That's usually my first stop if I'm looking for something kitchen related.
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    We found one for 50c at the salvation army store. just one of those really old fashioned hand crank ones. so far worked great.

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