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Thread: How to score a deer... or roadside hunting page

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    How to score a deer... or roadside hunting

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    So this week I discovered a huge source of free, grass fed (at least mostly!), free range meat.
    Roadkilled deer to be specific.

    Now I had thought before how sad it is that all these critters were rotting away at the side of the road (I live in the mountains and a sorry number of these critters get offed by vehicles on the road every week). I had toyed with the idea of just getting up early and picking up a couple fresh ones from the night before but never followed though.

    Enter a sunny afternoon last week. I was listening in on my ambulance pager (like I often do) and heard our sheriff get dispatched out to kill a wounded deer. I thought, gee, I know THAT one is gonna be fresh... So I called our sheriff (after almost chickening out) and simply asked if I could have it. He said sure. No fuss at all. So I headed out with a friend and a truck and picked it up. A nice little 2 point buck that probably weighed in around 80 lbs.

    Now as luck would have it I work at a wild game meat processing plant so I knew exactly where to take it so I could hang it up and keep it clean while I skinned it and gutted it (keeping the kidneys, liver and heart to try! Never had any of those before!). That poor deep was in the cooler within an hour of being killed. And as luck would have it he hadn't gotten all messed up from the car or truck that hit him either. His back got broken (which is why the little feller was flopping around by the road and needing to be put down) but only a few inches of the loins (backstraps) on each side got damaged. The rest of the meat wasn't even the slightest bit bruised.

    So a couple days later we cut him up and I figure (didn't weight yet) that I got about 25 lbs of meat for free. AWESOME!

    So. In conclusion. If any of you live rurally enough to have a roadkill problem consider talking to your local sheriff. You might be able to get them to call you if they have to put one down or you might be able to go carcass picking in the early morning hours to fill your freezer. Just find out your local regulations cause around here you have to get a 'roadkill salvage permit' for each carcass. Cutting meat isn't hard (and I'll be glad to share pointers) and can easily be done in your garage. At the very least for those of you who feed your dogs a primal diet you could save money on them if you can't stomach the idea of road kill for yourself!

    Had some steaks the day we cut it up too! Mmmm! Tasty slabs of deer butt! Gotta love it!

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    I once asked a co-worker whose husband hunted why he didn't just pick up "road kill" deers. She said there is something off with the meat when they die in that way. Made absolutely no sense to me, but I know nothing about actually hunting so I didn't question her further!


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    When we lived in SC they had a list that they would call within the county. As soon as the deer was dead the sheriff would call the next number on the list and whoever was available to go get it would. I thought it was a good way of cleaning up the roadkill and not wasting the meat. Especially because it meant that the person getting the deer knew it was fresh.

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    the singer/poet Jewel talks about growing up in Alaska, where they had such a list for moose.

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    I never knew they could call a list that is interesting. I know I have hit a deer before, this was way before PB, I was like 17. The guy behind me had a pickup truck and he hauled that deer away himself. I don't know if I would pick one up from the road that wasn't killed within minutes or an hour or so of being struck, I don't know why I feel that way but I do. Glad you got some fresh venison from it.
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    I seem to remember that it's illegal to take home road kill in Washington State. I've googled to try and verify that, and can't find any definitive statement. However, this site has an amusing list of regulations, just not sure how accurate it is!

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    That would be cool. I would totally eat fresh roadkill.
    Sadly, in Houston, there's not much available...

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    Too bad it is illegal to take home roadkill in California. Seen a lot of deer go to waste.

    On the bright side, hunting season is on. Hope to bag some quail and jackrabbit this week.

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    What about bruising?

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    Out here, I have the choice of jackrabbit, coyote, prairie dog, or armadillo. Aside from family pets, that's all that we have that tries to cross roads. Unfortunately, if I remember right, the strains of jackrabbit, armadillo, and prairie dog we have around here are an endangered/ protected/ state species, so are verboten to eat even if roadkilled.
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