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    Quote Originally Posted by junebu8 View Post
    I use ACV on my skin every six weeks or so as a 'chemical' peel sort of thing. But only good for oily skin, I think. I've always *wished* I carried more weight on the bottom half instead of the top. Isn't the grass always greener on the other side?

    Your skin improvement is remarkable. Isn't it great to have a big positive right out of the gate? Keep it up!
    Just in case anyone reads this, a chemical peel is an intensively penetrating, highly concentrated acid that will peel the most superficial layer of the stratum corneum through dissolving desmosome adhesion. ACV is MUCH safer to be used on a regular basis, containing mild alpha hydroxy acids like in most natural fruit juices. The correct term is "mild exfoliant." I don't want anyone scared of ACV! (I wanted to be a dermatologist in a past life.)

    Anyway...let's see...Raphaella is my age, my height, loves indian food and lives in SoCal, where I want to live? Oh good grief I have a thinner version of me already living down there. I'll move to the boonies instead where everyone can worship my heightly godliness.
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