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    Thank goodness this wasn't week 1 for me!

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    I was watching my 12 year old's indoor soccer game, when one of the other parents appeared with a large paper grocery bag. He proceeded to empty its contents right next to me....a bread board, jelly, butter, and a HUGE homemade loaf of bread that smelled amazing! He cut it up and shared it with all the spectators.

    Week 1, I'd have devoured half of it.
    This week (week 20?), I had a brief twinge of "Dang!" and then felt no desire to eat it. Glad I'd had bacon and eggs for breakfast

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    Nicely done. Definitely easier with time. I'm about 9 or 10 months in now and I don't even really get that twinge anymore. And I used to do the homemade bread. I would make an italian herb bread and could destroy the whole loaf myself. Now I could care less.

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    Gak. Bread is the debil.
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    I know what you mean. This morning I went to a bakery to get a sandwich for my husband (I just wanted coffee, and they have GREAT coffee!) and was standing in line staring at the cookies, cakes, pies, etc... and all I thought was "wow, those look so pretty!" I didn't even think of them as food.
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    I still have moments of sheer agony over bread. Like when I'm out with my wife and we get a warm little loaf with a couple small containers of garlic butter... oh my god. Tough to watch, I'll tell ya.

    Good on you for turning your nose up at it!

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    The only time the old "bread wants" cross my mind is if my Husband has made fresh bread and is just pulling out of the oven. That's a real BITCH to avoid.
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