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Thread: I need Help

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    I need Help

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    I am looking for ideas on what a primal fitness gym might look like. I was thinking somthing like a crossfit gym, but I am primal not crossfit. I am looking to sell the lifestyle, and I have plenty of commercial space to do it. I take control today, any ideas will help and be greatly appreciated. I am so excited to have the oppurtunity to help people find happiness.

    I am also taking over a tennis complex with 8 clay courts and a huge area to put in outdoor fitness equipment, I dont think grok was inside a metal building all day long. So I dont plan on it either, I want the inside to be more of the store, and do most of the fitness on outdoor fitness equipment. I have been searching for some used outdoor equipment but have not found the right one yet.

    I am starting with a shoe string budget, but I have faith all will work out. I will be posting pics in the near future...

    Grok on

    Blair Taylor

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    Medium tires, big tires and sledge hammers. Sand bags, medicine balls, slosh tubes, boxes sprayed with bed liner for plyometrics

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