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Thread: Butter Kale Chips / Oven Roasted Buttered Kale - best kale *ever*

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    Butter Kale Chips / Oven Roasted Buttered Kale - best kale *ever*

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    skip the EVOO and go straight for the pastured butter or bacon fat. I haven't tried the bacon fat as we keep kosher at home but the butter? OMG

    Be sure the kale is all the way dry....even if that means washing it one day and making it the next. This is key b/c you really want the butter to stick to every nook and cranny.

    Melt some butter. Melt some more butter. (2T or so per bunch of dinosaur or other flat kale....curly kale will likely take more)
    Remove kale leaf from rib. Place in leaves in bowl.
    Pour melted butter slowly over kale while tossing to coat (have one of the kids turn the bowl while you toss/pour). It does take some time and tossing to evenly distribute the butter.

    Spread flat on a lined baking sheet - silicone, foil or parchment. Bake at 350, checking frequently and moving the peices around once in awhile. I think it takes about 10 min total.

    Eat whole batch in one sitting. Fight kids for it.

    Organic Valley pastured butter is on sale at WF all around me. I bought just about all of it, double wrapped the blocks of butter in press 'n seal (double layers) and am storing them in the chest freezer.

    Spread flat on a baking sheet seems to work best, but if you don't care to fuss with it that much, just throw it on the sheet going for a 'single layer' as best you can. check/stir to insure it's cooking fairly evenly.

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    Can't wait to try this

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    THAT really does sound delicious but I cannot eat dairy... BEEF FAT IT IS!!

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