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Thread: PB Cookbook Shrimp Cakes

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    PB Cookbook Shrimp Cakes

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    My wife made this recipe last night and it was FANTASTIC! Okay, she modified it considerably - something both of us tend to do depending on what we have available and what sounds good. She used canned and smoked salmon rather than shrimp and she added bacon (is there ANYTHING that's not better with bacon?). I made the salad portion, but couldn't be bothered with the carrots. She did the almond dressing - I think that was made to the recipe.

    Anyway - what a meal! I highly recommend it.

    On the downside: Hey Mark, the quality of the cookbook binding is crap! The paper is great, the photos are great, but my book is separating from the binding like crazy. Has anyone else had this issue? Frankly - I don't really care if my book ends up all taped up (gives it that well-used look), but Mark oughta know about it if others have the same problem.

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    We (read hubby) made this recipe tonight with the only change being omission of the jalapeno pepper. Wow! It is wonderful! I highly recommend!

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