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Thread: Carbs, Beans, and Legumes last night.....and for the first time in 2 months...

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    Carbs, Beans, and Legumes last night.....and for the first time in 2 months...

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    Last night we went out to dinner and I said the hell with it all, just for this meal anyway.
    I had Pork Carnita Nachos, which had corn chips, refried beans, and of course alot more dairy that I normally have in a week!
    (Forgive me Grok, for I have sinned)

    BUT I woke up this morning realizing that this is the first time in MANY weeks that I have not had hot flashes in the evening and while I sleep. I woke up with the sheet on me and a light blanket, and normally I would be hot with just the sheet. My DH has the sheet and blanket and quilt, and is pretty sure I am killing him with the 68 degree tempurature in the house at night.

    Although this is not something that I am going to continue, I find it very interesting that this burst in carbs stopped the heat flushes. The last time I went off plan I had white flour and sugar, I still was very warm, but with those I was feeling nasty!

    Anyone else have these heat flashes (not menopausal) I know that as fat flushes out of the system it shakes up the hormones stored in the fat cells and this is the explaination I have gotten for these heat flushes.
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    I had a chilli with Kidney beans in it and the next morning it was like an air raid. Reminds me of the old rhyme - Beans, Beans, good for your heart - the more you eat the more you f....
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    I haven't had wheat pr grains in more than 5 months (1 corn on the cob in the summer), and soon I'm thinking of having a meal of really high grains and carbs (pizza, quality dessert, waffles, something of that nature) just to see how I react to it. Should be interesting.

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    I had flour tortillas on Tuesday for the first time in months, just to see what would happen, and my body ached for 2 days. I think my curiosity is cured.

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