Hi Mark!

Not sure if anyone has suggested this yet, but if they have, let me add my voice!

So ... I have noticed a rather disturbing trend of women on the forums who are discouraged and frustrated. They are not seeing the weight loss they hoped for, or they are struggling with some issues that the men aren't. See NSWM's thread "Is It Even Possible for Women to Lose Weight on the PB?"

As much as I adore your advice, I think maybe we could use some female input from Grok HQ. Do you think your wife would be willing to start a Q&A thread for us Primal ladies? Or maybe a blog post on her daily routines? Or maybe one of the ladies in your employ would be willing to chime-in on the forums or in a blog post?

I see a lot more discouragement among the female grokstars than among the males, who seem to be tripping along pretty merrily eating a lot of good phatty meat and veggies, doing their sprints and Heavy Things ... while us ladies tend to focus on fruits and Primal baked goods and chocolate. Possibly some of the disenchantment is a result of the guys' amazing fatloss success stories, which are so wonderful, but which may not be realistic, in terms of the quick timeframe, for us ladies - with our different metabolisms, hormones, cravings, and activity levels.

Anyway, I'd love to get a female perspective on the PB.