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    Unhappy I want to apologise...(again!)

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    Dear All,

    I don't really know what to say, because this time I've embarrassed even me. I don't really have any excuses for what I've said, except that I am under a LOT of family stress at the moment (massive falling out with my sister - she can't see why I'm pissed at her, either, but that's irrelevant).

    I'd particularly like to apologise to Kat, who I had a go at purely because she happens to share the same name as my sister (and that was the day I found out what a callous bitch my kid sis really is). Kat, you can't help what your mum called you (and it's not even like it's spelt the same - we're part Scottish and my sister's name is Catriona - the Scots Gaelic form of Catherine, but she's always been known as Cat.)

    Right that's it, FWIW.

    Just hope folk here are still speaking to me.


    Sarah xxx
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    who I had a go at purely because she happens to share the same name as my sister
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    hahah...anymore genius pictures? lol - love Lt Worf!
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    Quote Originally Posted by claude512 View Post

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    There have been times I've had to not lash out at folks (people named Sarah and Cassie in particular) for a small grievance. Those names happen to be the same as two people who I'm not on particularly good speaking terms with (one screwed over Guy with Woman Problems, and one is a sister who refuses to forgive me for an accident 15 years ago.) I'm generally pretty good about it, but sometimes I don't catch myself. You've (I've) learned so much, but keeping control of that tongue can be a bear. My suggestion is the same thing I do: If I go on a rant or am responding to something I don't like online, I'll type it into a word processor first. If I can't read it as an outsider five minutes later and not get mad at the writer, I don't post it.
    If you can get your tongue under control (not meant as anything other than the bald statement it is, remember, I have the same issue), I think you'd actually get more responses that were helpful, rather than people having you on ignore. Just passing on a lesson I learned the hard way.
    By the way, I do appreciate the apology towards the folks you hurt.
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    I appreciate your apology, but I think instead of apologizing try to remember this post before you lash out. I know controlling your impulses may be hard with asperger's but seriously give it an honest try. It's bogus for you to apologize if you're just going to do it again and again.

    Also, try to take some of the good advice you're given and don't just abandon your own threads when you're told things you don't want to hear. Taking our advice, or at least making an attempt, is better than any apology.

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    Not that I'm meaning to stick my nose in... but just a thought.

    An apology is great, but you really take away from it when you make an excuse or try to justify what you're apologizing for.
    "I'm sorry I kicked your cat, but really I only did it because she got in my way."

    See how silly, and disingenous that sounds?

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