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Thread: Good DARK Chocolate?

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    Good DARK Chocolate?

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    I've been eating Divine dark chocolate for a while- 70% I think. It's starting to taste way too sweet, like milk chocolate did- so I think I need to move up. I tried Lindt 85%, and while it was palatable, it also tasted a little waxy and burnt. Does anyone have a chocolate brand that they'd recommend, which tastes good at 85% or higher?

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    Green & Black's Organic 85% dark chocolate .... it is my absolute favorite!
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    I look for dark chocolate that includes vanilla as an ingredient. I've loved every one of those so far.

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    I am not a huge fan of Green & Black. My current chocolate of choice is Ritter-SPort, but I am not sure what % they have.

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    Green & Blacks has milk powder in it; milk makes me break out. I like the Dagoba 83% and the Scharffen-Berger 82%. The SB is softer. I also noticed that regular dark chocolate tastes too sweet. I never thought my sweet tooth would change!

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    not a fan of the g&b myself, also has that "burnt" taste. hmmm... ritter-sport... I've heard of that but am not sure where to get it. i know that i can order the dagoba, though.

    alright, so i ordered the dagoba and i noticed another- alter eco. i'm going to try both of these and report back. the order should be in next Thursday.

    a-ha! I recognize the ritter sport as a brand that my hungarian friend feeds me. hers, however, is a very sweet kind. i will have to ask where she buys it to see if i can locate a darker version.
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    i find there's a critical point. Anything about about 72% and they start adding in "reduced far cocoa powder"

    watch because the higer the cocoa content, the higher the fat!

    you don't say where you live the UK the co-op does a cracking 85% bar which is super smooth and tasty. otherwise would go G&B too

    I also came across this brand called Baur who do a 77% cocoa and it is just lovely...

    otherwise I find them chalky, due to the added cocoa powder!
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    Lidl and Aldi do lovely 81% and 85% brands.

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    I don't like Lindt. It's crumbly and dry.

    My favorites are Green & Black's 85% and Scarffen Berger 99%. SB is very smooth and creamy, and contains only cocoa beans and vanilla bean.

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    Anything up to 100% cocoa solids... which I haven't found courage to try yet, but everything I've ever had from them (hooray for 20%) has been beautiful. (They have a store in Oxford. Ohdear.)

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