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Thread: wow... is this paleo/primal dietbecoming mainstream??

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    wow... is this paleo/primal dietbecoming mainstream??

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    yet another article barely 2 days old talking about saturated fats being bad

    but i was very surprised to read the comments, most of which shoot back at the author spouting out primal/paleo info..

    thing about sat fats being good, low carb, high fat diets..

    check it out

    weird.... lol
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    I just read this comment at the beginning of an article over at T-Nation:

    "Throughout history, human beings have constantly worked to improve themselves and their surroundings.

    Look at locomotion, for example: For thousands of years, Paleoman, whether he was eating grains with his brontosaurus burgers or not, commuted to work on nothing but his two excessively hairy feet."
    thrown in there like everybody knows about the grains debate!

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    I wonder if people who spend more time commenting on articles on the Internet will be more likely to know about paleo/primal... it would explain why I don't know *a single person* IRL who follows this lifestyle, haha. Although there is an understanding that too many 'carbs' (meaning grains) are bad for you, the answer seems to be 'eat more fruits and vegetables.' Last week I overheard someone in my university's cafeteria wondering why peanut butter is considered a 'healthy snack' (is it really??) when it's made from a nut (um, no) and nuts are high in fat. So much wrong in that statement haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imasin View Post
    So much wrong in that statement haha.
    I had a similar reaction to the article Vozz posted--particularly the "Lose excess weight" recommendation... Haha--why don't they just put "be healthier" as one of their recommendations?

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