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Thread: Your Top 3 Challenges When Going Primal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharonss View Post
    1. The breakfast conundrum. I was a major cereal eater.
    2. Caffeine - coffee and diet soda.
    3. Cost - organic or grass fed/finished meats are cost-prohibitive. I do the best I can with what I have.
    You can drink coffee on PB, you know.

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    i have to say it really hasn't been much of a challenge.

    a lot of people mention the cost of food. my husband and i were buying organic, grass fed, and raw (milk) for years before going primal. this is because of our values in this regard. we actually paid more per month in food than we did in housing. but we consider food to be an investment in ourselves, our health, and we also want to support those farms and farmers who are providing the food that is healthiest for us, and we also believe that it is the best care for the animals and the planet--so holding these values, we transitioned to organic/what not years and years ago.

    so, when we went primal, we actually *saved* money because we weren't spending $56 a month on sprouted, whole-grain, locally made sour dough bread. we aren't spending money on beans, rice, quinoa, pasta, polenta, tortillas, or other grain-y things--which saves us another $60-ish per month (depending upon the month, the prices, etc). we don't eat as many nuts as before, so we cut back on that spending (negligible). we were able to turn that around and buy a freezer and spend the rest on buying more variety of meats and fresh veggies.

    no one cares what we eat, so that's no big deal. we have always been weirdos with food, so people tend not to notice. also, tons of people here in NZ are gluten free or dairy free or both (and some vegan too), and so it's not at all unusual for people to have weird diets.

    what i really like about PB is that it is really about living well. so, you have the occasional cake/wine/pie/coffee whatever is off the diet. we've had two meals made by friends that are off PB, but it's not really like we 'fell off the wagon" and we physically don't feel bad for it either, and it's flexible in that way. works out well for us.

    i would say the toughest challenge was in buying a new appliance. two new appliances--the crock pot and the freezer. i'm not big on appliances, and i try to use very little electricity. a freezer is a monster. but, i want to save money on meat by ordering frm the farm, which i can only do if i order 15 kg, or 5 weeks worth of meat. our fridge/freezer is too small for that much meat.

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    1.) Sugar.
    I have noticed that my tastes are changing drastically. I was really hungry at work the other day and found some M&Ms. "oooohhh, I'll save these for later" I thought. But I tried one and I didn't like it. It was so fake tasting! Like, I could taste the plastic bag it was in and the coloring. Gross. I didn't finish them.
    2.) Getting used to listening to my body.
    I've struggled with eating my entire life. Both sides of my family does, in fact, so eating and food and size and being thin are HUGE GIANT ISSUES that trump anything else anywhere ever. It took me about a month to really notice the changes in my body. I am finding my body speaking up when I'm making food. When making bacon it usually tells me to eat 5. I'm so used to WANTING MORE FOOD all the time that I usually make and eat more. But the first time I distinctly heard myself want less food or want to stop eating even when I had more in front of me was such a revelation. It was awesome.
    3.) Exercising and sleep.
    These kind of go hand in hand for me. I have 2 jobs so I don't get nearly enough sleep. (I never get more than 5-7 hrs during the week) And exercising is usually done at the expense of sleep. But its also a struggle I have with myself to take better care of me. Eating healthy and exercising is a struggle period. Less of one now but its still there.
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