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Thread: 1st run in my VFF!

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    1st run in my VFF!

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    YEsterday I went for my first run in my VFF! AFter two weeks of walking the neighborhood I decided to take the plung. I slipped on my bilkas and went for a short/slow 30min run around the neighborhood. I probably went about 2miles, keeping my heart rate under 140 (with the exception of the 1 big hill I had to run up) It took a few steps to get in the grove but once I got rolling it was easy. I bounced from sidewalks to grass - the sidewalk was easier, as most people in my neighborhood haven't mowed their lawns in quite a while, and I ended up tripping in the long grass. Grass has more cushion!

    I'm surprise that this am I'm not as sore as I thought I would be. I was sore from my P90X legs/back workout on monday...I think I'm less sore that I would have been if I didn't run yesterday!

    I will say my calves are sore - but no more sore than when I wear my 4" high heels at work. : ) Guess all those High heals are good for something!

    I'm hoping that I can get 2 runs in a my schedule permits... I've really come to love running as I've gotten older! Its so cathartic for letting the stress of the day go!

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    What fun!

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    I went for my second outing in my KSO's last night, I was anxious as my last outing left me aching all last week but I jogged to the end of my road and felt fine so I sprinted back (it's about 200-300m) and I loved it! I felt so fast and fluid I have never felt that good at running ever! I am keen to find a place to actually do a sprint season on grass after this! I thought I would be rubbish and have been putting off sprinting, but I wasn't any where near as bad as I thought I'd be so I have much more confidence now!!

    Vibrams are awesome!! Good luck!!

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    Congrats! I sprint barefoot on sand, but it's kind of the same principle. Personally, softer surfaces like grass, sand, and dirt feel better to me but that's interesting that you prefer the sidewalk.

    I started assisting in a fitness class at UCLA last night and for the warm-up we had to run backwards for a good distance. I was flying in my vibrams. I've always been awful at running backwards in shoes. Had never tried it in vibrams, but it was was amazingly easy and fun.

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