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Thread: Even more free books, music, videos, etc.

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    Even more free books, music, videos, etc.

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    For those interested in the free books from the internet, here is another set of links.
    Just to have them in one place, I included the original thread's link

    Political oriented books and papers: Magna Carta,Declaration of Arbroath, Utopia,etc. etc.

    Just about anything--even all the Tarzan books

    Reference, literature, language, history, medicine, math, law, children's books,and more...

    Tap into libraries of USA and Canada. just about anything.

    audio--- books, music, news, whatever-----example page here

    and video

    "old" link
    Tayatha om bekandze

    Bekandze maha bekandze

    Randza samu gate soha

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    I'm a bibliophile, and I love your links! =)
    Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.

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