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Thread: In transition--food not an issue but exercise is.

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    In transition--food not an issue but exercise is.

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    Eating in "primal" fashion is so simple that it's a relief compared to the complicated schemes of conventional health and nutrition wisdom. Chicken thigh and broccoli for breakfast drizzled with olive oil and tarted up with herbs and spices? You bet.

    Finding a way to get my eighty-pound overweight self moving is another story. My doctor has said that I should be able to get active with no problems. However, she doesn't have not-too-well-treated sleep apnea, not-quite-healed plantar fasciitis, poor balance due to sitting all day at work, and tight muscles (especially shoulders and neck) due to same (exacerbated by stress). I have been doing gentle "no-impact" aerobics for a couple of weeks and can manage ten or fifteen minutes of that before I have to sit down and rest.

    What is one thing I can do daily to move (literally) toward more physical activity? I am so far below the level of normal and healthy in this area that I can't imagine what that would be like.


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    I'm not a doctor, let me just say that first.

    Your plantar fasciitis I would say could probably be solved with a little simple stretching, your poor balance can be worked on as time goes by, tight muscles can be stretched also. The sleep apnea will most likely go once the condition of your body begins to get better.

    Moving literally? Just walk, go for long walks somewhere, anywhere, as long as it gets you moving, and you get to enjoy the lovely outdoors at the same time

    Everything else will fall into place the more weight you begin to lose. One step(and day)at a time
    Here's my resolve.

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    Hi Edith. :-)
    How about some low-resistance, gentle exercise biking? Would you plantar fasciitis allow that? I find it a good way to get my low level aerobic activity in, no matter what the time of day, weather, etc. Hell, I do it in my jammies more often than not! Plus I can also read or watch TV, daydream, listen to music, move and stretch my upper body too, whatever. And the rhythmic action actually helps warm up and loosen my back when it's a bit sore or tight.
    If you don't have a bike or don't know if you'd enjoy or hate it, perhaps you could hire one for a month to give it a try?
    Best of luck!

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    As Mattman said, first suggestion is to follow the move slowly law.

    But, also try and do some muscle excersises. Building muscle and having muscle burns fat. I have dropped 17kg (37.5lbs) when I started was just obise on the BMI health scale, however, since Christmas doing just SimpleFit (Pull ups/Push ups/Squats), I could not do a pull up or many push ups, I started with substitutions and went from there, Yeah it ached and I needed to stretch as well.

    I used to have what my girlfriend considered sleep apnea but I had never been officially diagnosed, this has also greatly reduced/gone by losing some weight and exercising.

    I am still a way off my goal but once you start doing little bits of exercise it is possible a lot of your problems may subside.

    I did not start to eat Primal until June/July at which point I was just trying to be more healthy.

    Good luck on your journey! Grok On!!

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    dancing to music is a good idea

    download your fav podcasts and go for a walk

    start with small free weights

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    I started at 400 pounds and had all the same problems and even more. Take your time! Do not injure your self by doing more than your body says it can do. After you loose a few pounds you will feel like moving more. When you do feel like it then do it but keep it brief. Don't follow CW (conventional wisdom) and think you are exercising to loose weight. Exercise is to strengthen muscles, elevate mood and for play time. If you can walk just five minutes once every three or four hours then just do that. If you don't want to move then don't. I promise you your stiffness and plantar fasciitis will heal and you will be able to move. Also get enough food, water and stay away from all processed foods and sugars. Keep your complex carbs around 50-75 and you will do fine.

    Sleep is so very important, I slept in a chair for over two years because of apnea and finally went for a sleep study and got a c-pap machine. Now I sleep like a baby. Don't wait just set up the appointment and go. Tell them you need it and force your self to use it if you have too. I took to mine like a duck to water. I love this machine it has given me back the ability to get a good deep nights sleep.

    If you have any other questions hit me up I will be happy to help all I can.


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    I always recommend that sedentary people start out with just walking. Walking is severely underrated, but it is so beneficial, plus it is great just to get in the habit of doing something active every day. Load up your iPod with music, podcasts, and/or audiobooks, and find a way to make walking a part of your day. Walk someplace that you would normally drive, take a stroll after dinner, whatever! Also, dogs make great walking partners and will hold you accountable
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    You've managed 10-15 minutes of new exercise for the past 2 weeks. That's such an awesome start. This primal thing is not a diet, it's for life, right? So even if you just add 1 minute a week, you'll be walking more than an hour in a year's time.

    Slow and steady, both in terms of the pace of the exercise itself, and the pace of adding more to it. You'll do great!

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
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    Hello Edith!

    It really is such a cliche, but the hardest part is getting started.

    I'd recommend not "exercising," per se, in the beginning.... but, rather, do something you really love that involves movement. How about dancing? Bowling? Working with horses? Walking a dog? Swimming? Power-shopping?

    The initial goal is just to get you moving.

    Once that is down, then incorporate deeper stretches, squatting (when you didn't really have to), and high-stepping as you are performing the above dancing/power-shopping/bowling. I do this even when I am doing my housework.

    Another thing you could begin is doing your housework you'd normally do with extra vigor. I am stretching as I sweep and then high-step back to the pantry to put the broom away. I squat as I'm feeding my animals, even though I could simply bend over. I crank up my favorite music and dance while I'm doing my chores. I make a point of sweating when doing housework.

    A deal I've made with myself is that if I want to watch TV, I *have* to be up and moving in some form or fashion (housework, marching in place, etc.) during the commercials only. Then I flop on the couch again when my program comes back on.

    Any of these would be a good start for you. Keeping coming back and do let us know how you are progressing. Best wishes.

    edit: Of course, I realize you will not want to high-step with your plantar fasciitis. That was just an example based on what I do. I hope you get my point to make your body move extra in any form or fashion you'd like as you're going through your normal routine.
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    Yoga, Tai chi?

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