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    This triggered almost immediate gut problems which grew over months into IBS
    As a note of caution, I also react terribly to probiotics. By all means, give them a go, but if you feel worse, stop! (Don't assume it's due to 'die off' or something and keep taking them).

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    My sister has had a terrible time with oxalates, and she is taking VSL#3. She raves about how much it has helped her. It's not cheap, but I have the impression it's worth it.

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    In the past, I used it. I actually got the VSL#3 DS (DS means double-strength I think) by prescription from my doc. My insurance covered it. It's "medical food" for colitis, pouchitis, etc. I had severe IBS and my insurance didn't require proof of any particular illness. It worked very well and finally got me over the hump caused by antibiotic overuse.

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