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Thread: help..... getting discouraged

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    Well, I guess it's possible. But my clothes are getting kind of tight. I don't trust my scale when it comes to lean body mass measurement because it shows different numbers depending on the time of the day

    I'll just keep an eye on it.

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    You are losing 1.5 lbs per week, that is a very nice rate of fat loss. Please do not be discouraged. You have made the most important step by giving up sugar, grains and starches. Personally, I have found that I do better with very limited fruit. This is not a diet, but a major lifestyle change. Just keep going, weeks will pass and you will continue to lose fat. Also keep in mind that the scale only measures weight, not muscle and fat. So if you are lifting weights and sprinting, you are likely to put on some lovely muscle. If you lost four pounds of fat and gained one pound of muscle, the scale would show a loss of only three pounds. You can also use a tape measure to gauge fat loss. Keep up the work work. I know you can do it!


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    I'm not a huge loser either (no comments from the peanut gallery, I'm talking about weight). In the last 2 months I have lost at most 3 lbs, but my waist is 2 inches smaller. I don't do strength training, only some walking and some work around the yard (a handful of times in the last 2 months). That works for me.

    By the way during that period there were days when my weight was up +4. So if you measure your weight only periodically you really don't get a sense when you weight is high due to daily variations or you have put on a weight that you are keeping. I know some people are against it, but I am for the daily weigh-in.

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    thanks everyone for your advice! I am going to cut back on the fruit and see if that helps! I have been lax on the exercise too and will get back to it. Thanks again Traci

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    But sir grandma, there are so many good comments to throw from up here

    I&#39;m a daily weigher, I would have a harder time with weekly weigh ins personally. I have days where I&#39;m up say a pound or 1.5 even, and I&#39;ll be able to think back to what/how much I ate the last couple of days and just know that apparently it all hasn&#39;t >ahem< processed yet. If I weighed in at a low day one week, then at a high day two weeks later I&#39;d be more swayed emotionally by the scale than just taking it purely as information to be processed on a daily basis. I&#39;m mostly just maintaining weight wise, but I do think doing super low carbs (I&#39;m keeping them under 20, ideally under 10 for now) is melting some fat off my belly, there&#39;s less to pinch Slow and steady is the way to go, Biggest Loser style weight loss simply isn&#39;t feasible for real people.

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    What&#39;s this "peanut gallery" thing you mention, grandma? (Roll eyes....)

    Do a search for "Lean Body Mass Calculator." All the ones I&#39;ve seen use the same format and calculator program. Us of this ( and I forget who suggested it to me a couple of months ago here) will make sure you aren&#39;t losing LBM during a diet.

    I&#39;ve lost two inches in the waist since I started this, and probably two before I started the LBM recording.

    Daily weigh-ins, absolutely. You take the bad ones with the good, but the latter will be more frequent.

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    Well, I figured making the assertion on the internet that I am not a loser seemed like an assertion that was bound to be challenged.

    Did you aim the LBM calculator comments to me? I&#39;m not really interested. But I did look for some calculators as you suggested. One was just based on height and weight that seems as useless as BMI. Others included waist and neck measure, that sounds better, but whatever. As long as the ladies can&#39;t take my eyes off me on my daily walks, I&#39;m good

    (There I go opening myself up for ridicule again; as if my screen name weren&#39;t enough)

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.

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