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Thread: Simply Primal - omajoe

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    Day 30:

    I've made it. The last day of my 30 day challenge. What I've learned this month:
    - I seem to have more energy throughout the day. An unfortunate side effect is that I'm having a harder time falling asleep at night.
    - Giving up dairy hasn't been that difficult. I do miss milk in my smoothies sometimes, but other than that, not too bad. I have to admit, though, I never went completely dairy free. Still used butter for cooking my eggs in the morning.
    - I started the PB fitness late in the challenge since I was recovering from a really bad cold at the start, but it's feeling pretty good now that I've been doing it for a while.
    - I still have quite a sweet tooth, but it gets worse if I feed it. If I avoid sweets, I don't miss them as much, but when I start, watch out. So, i try to stick with relatively health sweets like fruit and dark chocolate.
    - I'm happy I rediscovered how much I enjoy fresh egg salad. It's my new comfort food (and it's relatively primal).
    - I get fuller much faster now and don't feel like I need to snack as often as I once did, although I still reach for snacks when I'm bored/anxious/stressed.
    - I discovered Jimmy John's offers their sandwiches as lettuce wraps (Unwiches) and I really like them as a primal treat.
    - I discovered the meat salads at restaurants like Chipotle and Pepperjax are fantastic just with salsa (no dressing).

    I don't think I really lost much weight during the last 30 days, but that wasn't one of my goals. I did hope to drop my body fat, but it seemed to go the opposite direction. Not really sure why that happened. I did lose about 3 pounds, but my body fat went up about 1%. Hopefully, as I continue to do the PB fitness workouts, that will change.

    So, for my meals thus far on this last challenge day, nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary:

    B: 2 eggs fried in butter, 3 prunes
    S: A handful of raw almonds
    L: A can of tuna with mayo, a couple pieces of bacon, and an apple

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    I was really proud of myself yesterday. It was about 25 degrees outside when I woke up, but I was determined to get a sprint workout in. I'm sure I was a sight to see out in front of the house in black spandex pants, a white turtleneck, and Vibram Five Fingers. But I got a nice sprint workout in running up a hill. I was happy with the workout, plus it was my first time running outdoors in my VFF.

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