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Thread: Simply Primal - omajoe

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    Day 7 (11/7/10):

    I'm on-call at work this week, so I had to get up at 12:30 am to help with some maintenance on our servers. I was up until about 4:30 am (about 4 hours after the time change). My stomach kept growling so I snacked on prunes and almonds when I'd get hungry. In the past, I would have reached for a box of cereal to feed my carb cravings. The benefit of the change manifested itself the rest of the day when I felt fine all day, even having only gotten 3 hours of sleep.

    Still trying to get over this cold that's hanging on. Can't seem to get rid of a nasty cough, so I haven't restarted my workouts yet.

    B: 3 egg omelet with some mustard greens and mock crab
    L: some left over beef roast
    S: Almonds, prunes
    D: More beef roast & carrots

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    Day 8 (11/8/10):

    B: 3 scrambled eggs w/spinach & sausage
    S: Almond butter
    L: 2 Jimmy John's tuna unwiches (lettuce wraps)
    S: Apple & almond butter
    D: Left over roast beef, carrots, and some acorn squash

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    Sounds like you're doing good and staying on course. Now that you're feeling better it will be easier. Just got over something myself. The joy of having school age kids. You've done it before so you already know all the bennefits that come. Keep it up.

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    Day 9:

    Boy, does it seem like I ate a lot today. It felt like I was grazing on something all day. Probably way too much fruit for one day, but it tasted good, and at least I stayed away from processed food.

    B: 2 1/2 hard boiled eggs (almost had to choke them down - just didn't taste good in the morning)
    S: Almond butter
    L: Tuna salad (can of tuna & some mayo)
    S: 2 bananas & some almond butter
    S: Apple & some roast beef
    D (late): 4 egg scramble with bacon, spinach, and green peppers (I could only eat a little over 1/2 of this. Think I may need a break from eggs for a while). Some dried plums for dessert.

    My cold is almost gone. Just have the cough that is still hanging on. Otherwise, felt very good again today.

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    Day 10:

    Finally feeling a lot better. The cold is almost gone. Even managed to get a light LHT workout in this morning.

    Ate a lot of bananas today for some reason. Mainly just because they were handy when I was hungry.

    B: Banana
    S: Banana & almond butter
    L: Roast beef & cooked carrots
    S: Banana & almond butter
    D: Chicken breast and a load of steamed broccoli (mm mm good)
    S: Dark chocolate & some chamomile tea

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    Day 11:

    B: 3 egg scramble with spinach & green peppers
    L: Can of salmon with mayo (salmon salad)
    S: Almond butter
    S: Dried plums
    D (at 6): Chicken breast
    D (at 9): Jimmy John's tuna unwich (lettuce wrap), a handful of almonds, and some dark chocolate

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    Quote Originally Posted by omajoe View Post
    Day 6:

    I did something really dumb today.

    I had to get up early (5 am) for a meeting (on a Saturday). I gave up coffee at the end of 2009, and had drank probably drank 5 or 6 cups all of 2010. While at the meeting, though, I decided I'd have a small cup. Then, for some reason, though, I went back for another....and another. When I left the meeting I was so buzzed on caffeine I could barely think. I can't remember the last time caffeine had affected me like that. I had been a coffee drinker for so many years, I had built up quite a tolerance, so it was quite interesting to see the effect it could have on your body. It's hard to believe I used to drink coffee all day long. It really messed up my morning and bothered me well into the afternoon. I'm now really glad I made the decision to give it up, and this strengthened my commitment.

    B: 2 eggs - scrambled
    S: Banana
    L: Finished the big a** salad from yesterday with some more tuna salad
    S: Almond butter and celery, prunes, almonds
    D: Beef roast and carrots
    Oh my gosh! It's so scary that coffee can be that addictive and have that effect on you. Thankfully I'm not in the habit, but a few days ago I had a gigantic serving of coffee and my hands started shaking not too long after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imasin View Post
    Oh my gosh! It's so scary that coffee can be that addictive and have that effect on you. Thankfully I'm not in the habit, but a few days ago I had a gigantic serving of coffee and my hands started shaking not too long after.
    I know. It's pretty crazy. Before I gave it up, I used to drink coffee all day long. It never had that kind of effect on me because I'd built up a tolerance, but I did notice I'd have a harder time focusing in the afternoon when I'd been drinking it all day. Since I switched to tea, I've found I'm much more sensitive to caffeine, even though I drink regular tea. It has much less caffeine in it though, especially when I use the same tea leaves for several infusions.

    Now that I've seen what coffee can do, if I do decide to have a cup now and then, I'll be limiting it to just that one cup.

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    Day 12:

    Got up at 5. Feeling like my cold is finally gone. Managed another short LHT workout.
    -- Pushups, squats, leg lifts, overhead press (didn't have a pullup bar available)

    B: 3 egg scramble with green peppers
    L: Salad with romaine lettuce, an avocado, and a can of salmon on top, with Newman's Own olive oil and vinegar salad dressing
    S: Almond butter
    D: Hamburger (w/o the bun, of course) and some green beans (I think they're okay under PB, but not 100% sure)
    S: A few grapes
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    Day 13:

    Feeling some DOMS from by LHT workout the other morning. Had a meeting at 5:45 am, Cub Scouts with my son at 10 - 12 and left for Cornhusker football game at 2:30, so I didn't get much done nor did I get a workout in.

    B: 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana
    L: Pepperjax steak salad (lettuce, grilled meat, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, jalepenos, and hot salsa) -- mmm, mmm, good
    S: Banana
    S: Brat
    S: Was at a Nebraska Cornhuskers football game with my daughter, so I cheated a bit and had shared some popcorn with her
    S: Leftover roast beef and grilled chicken after the football game

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