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    Cortisol and anger

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    Looking through any days posts, it is obvious I'm not the only one who struggles with anger issues. it seems like many or most of you can't go by a fast food restaurant without becoming angry. Obviously, chronic anger isn't good for health.

    Has Primal help you deal with anger, or has it increased your anger because you see how unprimal the world is?
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    I get more disappointed than angry when dealing with other foods. I'm all like "man, why does this have to have dextrose in it? Would it not be just as good without it?"

    I think Primal-like living has made me a calmer person overall. I don't even get mad at idiot drivers.

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    i haven't gone 100% yet but not having sugar rushes and pangs makes me calmer, and I lose my temper less.

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    sometimes i get frustrated on the food aspect, but i just have anger issues anyway

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