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Thread: Newbies Start Here: Primer to the Primal Blueprint Lifestyle

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    Newbies Start Here: Primer to the Primal Blueprint Lifestyle

    After you create an account, before you do anything else, go introduce yourself to the community. We'd love to meet you:

    Now, there are many resources available in this forum and elsewhere that sum up the Primal Blueprint eating plan, fitness routine and lifestyle quite well. If you are new to this forum and don't know "CW" from "SAD", if the concept of fat being good for you is completely foreign, or if you want to jump in head first but just don't know where to begin, check out these resources and the comments in this thread from fellow forum members (aka Grok stars) to learn the basics and get started on your Primal journey.

    Forum Rules:

    Top Forum Threads for Beginners:

    Advice for Newbies:

    Primal Acronyms:

    Griff's Cholesterol Primer:

    Top Blog Posts for Beginners:

    The Primal Blueprint 101 Page:

    The Definitive Guides:

    The Definitive Guide to the Primal Blueprint:

    400+ Reader Comments on Best Advice for Beginners:

    How to Succeed with The Primal Blueprint (PB Diagrams):

    Primal Blueprint Fitness - Free E-book:

    What to Eat - Primal Blueprint Recipes:

    More Blog Posts for Beginners:

    Who or What is Grok? -

    Why Grains Are Unhealthy -

    A Little Inspiration -

    Primal Blueprint Sample Menu -

    Smart Fuel -

    You Might Be Primal If... -

    Take Your Own Personal 30-Day Challenge:

    Paid Stuff:

    My book - The Primal Blueprint -
    plus Audio Book Version:

    The Primal Blueprint Cookbook -

    The Primal Leap - One-on-One Support -

    Primal Fuel -*.html

    There's much much more on MDA and in this forum for beginners and veterans alike. Check out the archives and blog post categories (, give the forum/site a search or post a thread in the forum to get answers to all of your Primal Blueprint-related questions.

    What am I missing, everyone? Help me make this sticky a great resource for all newcomers. Share your thoughts, links and lists for beginners here. Grok on!
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