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Thread: Fitness tipping points

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    I've lost 24 pounds in 9 weeks doing, frankly, not very much. Down from 226 to 202 @ 6'1".

    I've cut processed foods out of my diet but maintaining about 2400 cals intake a day.

    3 times a week I walk 2 and a half miles to the gym do weights for 45 mins and run back in best time and at the weekends I windsurf with about 3 hours of water time both days.

    Up until now, I've plodded back but tonight having hit 202 lbs I had to hold back the run pace and was sprinting at the end. So, what's changed?

    I feel better, the results are beginning to have me grinning to myself, my clothes will have to go because they're too big.

    I'm definately interested in tipping points. 202lbs seems a fairly strange point to suddenly enjoy it and for the running not to feel like a chore.

    Did you have a point where it suddenly felt good and not just a chore?

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    Congratulations! Not sure where it was for me but I know that when I weighed 220 lbs (6' tall) I couldn't do a single pull up. Now at 175 lbs I can do 15 (18 is my personal best). I think the tipping point comes when your lean body mass can more than compensate for the body fat you are carrying. Looks like 202 was that point for you.

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    ...mine was when I started being happy when I was putting on my gym clothes. Used to be, I was tying my shoes V...E...R...Y slowly.

    Now I'm stoked. I don't even know what I'm going to do until I get there, but I know it's going to be gonzo and fun. I'll be there max of 45 minutes, not at all like the old cardio-junkie days.

    When I get home, I will be drenched in sweat, totally burnt, and so content


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