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Thread: What is everyones take on CLA?

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    What is everyones take on CLA?

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    A lot of people say it really helps maintain your body composition. I would love to hear what the fit Grok's have to say about it ?

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    What does CLA stand for?

    Google list hundreds of definitions fpr "CLA"
    Which are you referring to?

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    I would have to assume Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Such as found in butter grass fed meats and other good stuff

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    I quit taking it on the assumption that if I'm eating REAL meat, I'm getting plenty. When CLA first got a bunch of press (about a decade ago, now, I think) I researched it and the upshot was that we dont' get enough because we don't eat a lot of fatty meat, so take the supplement to help your body composition, etc... well... I don't see the point of buying a supplement when I'm eating what I need now I think it would be a waste of money and I'd just pee out whatever I'm paying to put in.

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