Day 1 of consuming only foods I can deem Primal. It was grocery day and what a blast! I am shooting for sustainability so my grocery list for the week includes:

One coconut (probably getting a few next week. Amazingly filling!)
Four avocados
2 cups of raw almond (currently soaking for homemade almond milk)
3 packs of genuinely nitrite free, organic hotdogs. (Looking to improve meat choices soon, budget is limited at the moment. These include organ meat so I think I'm on the level aside from the diet of the animals)
Free range, flax fed chicken eggs from Trader Joe's. Hoping to eat some raw, I've looked into it and it's really not that risky or terrible even if I do eat salmonella.
2 cans of tuna
2 cans of lemon pepper herring (the least harmfully preserved of the flavored fish there)
1 can oysters
4 zucchini
3 red peppers
Have lots of green apples
1 head of kale
1 head of collard greens
Might steal a carrot from the wife if I get desperate for some sugars
4 cans of peas (will rinse)
2 cans green beans
1 artichoke
2 big melons "Tuscan style cantaloupe"
1 jar of hot salsa (how am I going to use that?! Spicy smoothie?!)

And I think that's it. If I can make it through the week on that without snapping and making a pot of pasta, I'm probably amazing in ways I hadn't yet fathomed.

Ate the whole coconut tonight. Drank the oil and then ate most of the meat. Part of it was rotten so now I know to squeeze them better to check for rot. Still very new to coconuts. And I couldn't finish the last two pieces, they will be part of breakfast.

What's breakfast? Meat or veggies? Still have no clue of dietary routine. Planning on spreading out most of the multiple items to one or two a day. I prefer to eat food types alone, so I'm probably not going to be combining items in a sitting. I doubt Grok would have grabbed some zucchini and left it sitting around while he went and speared a fish to eat.

This seem pretty balanced? Looking to include squid chunks next week.

Exercise consisted of several sets of push-ups, about two minutes total of sustained leg raises laying flat on floor, feet about 6" off the ground, many random sets of chin-ups in our old-school door frames ad-lib not to burnout but to weakness. Tomorrow I'll hit the hills with walk-sprint-walk goodness. Tried it out a bit yesterday and it felt sooo great to just pound the ground like that.