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Thread: Bruising easily - individual quirk or missing something?

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    +1 on the Bioflavonoids. Especially rutin can be helpful, found in citrus fruits.

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    I also have a bruising problem but mine is slightly different... I do bruise pretty easily, which I don't really care about, but my bruises do not disappear!

    I have had one bruise on my calf for almost a year now. It has faded but still is a very obvious bruise. I got it when a piece of metal flicked out of a lawnmower and hit me in the leg.

    Other bruises have come and go in that time as well but they often take months and months and months.

    Does anyone know much more about this?

    I have elevated platelets, and usually low iron (but my iron is ok at the moment). I also suspect I have some form of chronic compartment syndrome in my calves but doctors would just think I was a hypochondriac if I said that...
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    Here's a thread from paleohacks discussing this topic:

    I bruise easily. I'm not anemic. Fix me. -

    And a pretty interesting article by Chris Kresser discussing B12 deficiency (which is one of the possible causes of bruising):

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