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Thread: Cravings gone but...

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    Cravings gone but...

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    I put this in the meet and greet section but think it should go here sorry.
    I have been eating primal for only 3 days but it seriously does make you not want to eat...the cravings are GONE!
    I am a picky eater and I lost 80 lbs. prior to this on my own by just eating less junk and exercising 5 days a week. I ended up with IBS and it took forever to figure out that wheat was my problem.
    Since going primal I haven't had any grains (except for a few bites of brown rice off hubbys plate) and my carbs have been roughtly around 70 per day.
    We are on a strict budget because we are on one paycheck so I have to make due with what we can afford, so I am still eating store meats etc. baby steps you know.
    My problem is that I have to force myself to eat now and I have been tracking my calories and I am only getting 800-1000 a day but seriously I am NOT hungry...I am not exercising so I figure this is not overly bad but I don't want to completely screw up my metabolism or go into starvation mode.
    Is this too low? do I really have to force feed myself more somehow even though I am not hungry?
    I am 5'6" at 160 lbs. with about 25-30 more to lose and I should be eating 1680 a day with no exercise according to the calculations.

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    I would say don't worry at all yet. You're in adjustment mode.

    If 3 weeks goes by, and you lack energy and haven't lost any weight, then that starts to sound like starvation.

    In the meantime, just bask in the success of no cravings. So cool!!!

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food

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    I went through something similar around the same time - perfectly normal, listen to your body. I agree with Liz, congrats!

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    Jeni, you are doing this for 3 days... Give it time to see results

    I'm taking 2 weeks of continuously doing something in order to judge effects. Otherwise you will only jump to wrong conclusions. As much as you think things are moving very fast, they are not and in order to see exactly what you are doing you need to observe over a longer period of time

    Good luck!

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