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    Wink Mad at my biceps!

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    They just won't grow. Hump!

    Yeah, yeah, I could work them a bit more, but still. I do work them more than I used to. But they still measure 11 inches. I would be happy with just a mere .25 increase. Something to show for my work.

    Granted I can't lift heavy becaues I have a jacked up shoulder. No real push-ups Maybe in a month or so.

    Any ideas for increasing biceps? Yes, biceps curls. But more functional stuff?

    Keep in mind I do have a messed up shoulder. When I do push-ups the joint between my collar bone and sternum (SC joint) is painful and pops, so those are out.

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    11" doesn't sound that small to me. Anyway I would try not to concentrate on the measurements and just keep doing functional strength training (I understand this is easier said that done though )

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    I would say HEAL YOUR SHOULDER FIRST. Once that is done then push-ups and pull-ups are the simplest fuctional excercises. And remember, don't just focus on your bicep. The tricep is important too.

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    Strong muscle does not mean big, especially for women.

    Just look at Al's female client videos and how strong they are, doing pull-ups & Push-Ups.
    Look at Al. He has AMAZING strength yet is thin & wiry.

    Best to you,

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    Wait for the joint to heal. Most exercises to train your arms are going to stress the shoulder. Don't just focus on the bicep, the tricep (largest muscle in the upper arm) needs work as well. Reverse grip pull up, dips and push ups will develop bicep/tricep groups. Be patient and give the sc some time to recuperate.

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    Work both your bicep and tricep in the same workout.

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    Howabout sandbag loading onto a 3 foot platform, or pull ups

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    I agree, wait for the shoulder to heal before focusing on the bi's.

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    If you are dieting you won't be growing muscles.
    Aside from proper stimulus, muscles require a surplus of calories to grow.
    "Newbie" gains, cyclical dieting and the leangain approach can be the exception to this.

    But ya, if you are dieting, no bicep curl is going to grow your muscles.

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    Just say NO to arm curls. Try power cleans with the bar or more, and old-school gym class chin-ups (palms facing you).

    The benefit of all this is you will DEFINITELY be getting stronger. It will strengthen your rotator cuff muscles too. My recommendation (after years of shoulder problems) is to lower the weight until the load doesn't hurt your shoulder anymore, and do reps in sets of 12-15. If that is a 15# medicine ball, then that's fine. As you get stronger, the shoulder muscles will hold your shoulder together, and you can start trying more weight.

    Just be careful, and don't do any exercises that cause pain.

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