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Thread: ladies, can you flex your pecs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primal Fist View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hilary View Post
    Isn't this something belly dancers get good at?

    Hm... how about
    (Try at about 4:50 - there, that saves you the tedium of having to watch it all. Never say I don't do anything for you.)
    You are a good person.
    LOL. She is a good person But that's not a pec flex. That's just a t*tty shake. lol Or as someone put it more politely: a shimmy.

    wrt the guy video: Coudn't watch the video of the wierd guy rubbing his chest for more than a second. ew!

    Quote Originally Posted by New Renaissance View Post

    This Girl can flex her pecs. Not sure how W/FS it is, but it should be ok.
    Yes she can! But she gets docked a few cool points for having huge under-the muscle implants. That just makes it *way* easier to show off.

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    that grossed me out some o.o

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