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Thread: enough calories??

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    Hi! I'm new to the primal lifestyle and forum. I've been eating primal for about a week. My main purpose is much needed weight loss, but also to live a healthier life in general. The main thing I have noticed is basically how NOT hungry I am.

    Is there a point where I could be eating too few calories? Today, I ate just over 1000 calories. I ate lots of vegtables, 2 fruits and plenty of protein and fats. My carbs are within Mark's recommended weightloss range. Is 1000 too extreme? Or, do I need to just get used to the fact that I won't feel hungry with higher quality fuel?

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    c-star, 1,000 calories every day would be a problem unless you were a small female. The nice thing about the Primal Blueprint is that you can and will eat more on some days than on others.

    You say you ate plenty of proteins and fats but are you sure? One rule of thumb (from CW but still a good guideline) is that your base metabolism calorie requiremnts will be 10 times your weight. So if you weighed 150 lbs you would need 1500 calories a day just to live, not counting any exercise or other physical activity. Obviously you can survive on less calories but over time you would need that amount on average.

    It is easy to underestimate your caloric intake though and you might be taking in more than you think you are.

    If you post your height and weight and gender we can provide a more definitive guideline but for most people 1,000 calories a day isn't going to be enough.

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    1000 calories a day isn't enough even if you ARE a small female. Unless you are very small, very small-framed and very inactive.

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    Note the "much needed weight loss" part. Even if you assume a daily caloric requirement of 2000 calories, a large part of that can come from fat (as long as you're watching your weight/BF% and are losing fat), as long as you get the required protein and vitamins/minerals. A 2lb/week loss would turn that 2000kcal into only 1000kcal that you needed to eat in food and 1000kcal you'd be burning from body fat. Just make sure you get enough high quality protein (at least 75g/day).

    Bottom line, if your body is meeting your needs partially from body fat, and you're eating less as a result, your stomach may grumble a bit, but as long as the rest of your body is telling you your needs are met (you aren't getting lightheaded, very low body temperature, other signs of starvation) and you don't feel the need to eat more, you are probably fine.

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