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Thread: Early Frustrations

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    Do you have your lab results regarding thyroid? Here's the thing... I was told mine was fine for 5 years. It wasn't. I am not an unusual case of that. It would be supremely helpful to know what exact tests your doc did for thyroid (TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3, antibodies, Reverse T3, etc.) and what your results where (and also what that lab's range is). We got a lot of hypothyroid peeps here and they are a great resource for helping someone read lab ranges, learn more about what the ranges REALLY should be, etc.

    If you don't have your lab results... get a copy. I hate to see anybody go through five years of doing everything humanly possible and still gaining weight inexplicably and told their thyroid was fine when it's not. (Yes, I'm bitter. )

    Just a thought. You may very well be totally fine with your thyroid (and I'm hoping that's the case). But better to be absolutely sure before dismissing that.. and unfortunately that means learning a bit about it because your doctor most likely doesn't.
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    If you are cheating a lot these days, the perhaps that is what is slowing you down. Also you mentioned that you're finding it hard to get enough calories. If you're full and eating just to meet your numbers then you might want to quit that.
    I also wouldn't necessarily recommend IFing when you're still working on your diet composition, but if IF comes naturally and you're not feeling hungry then I wouldn't recommend avoiding it either.
    The jicama would also be something carby that you could cut back on if you want to lower your carb intake as well.

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    time of the month will affect your weight as well probably.. I find I definitely want to eat more crap a week out... but I'd have to +100 to everything people say about fat, you need to have a reasonable amount in your diet... you'll find it just makes you feel happier

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    If you are under calories and >100g carbs, you are doing it wrong. I don't see your carb sources.

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    I see 2 distinctive things in your salad that I had to cut out. Sadly, the best parts. Feta and sunflower seeds. I can eat feta on literally anything. Problem with this little delight is that it is loaded with sodium. Sunflower seeds caused me issues too, especially if you are using salted ones. I personally had to limit both of these to a few times a week until I hit my goal, then I could eat them more regularly.

    I would take the advice with the jicama and beets, replace those with something else and then use the seeds and feta a few times a week but not all the time.

    If you are eating that salad after that breakfast with bacon then I can quite understand the retention that may be going on.

    The cheats go without saying We all have different ideas about "a little". For some it means they accidentally ingested a candy corn and for others it means they ate a snack snickers every time they passed a bowl. I hear this from my friend all the time. Her "little cheat" turned out to be a FAT FREE blueberry muffin at Dunkin Donuts every morning. If you know what "extra extra" in DD land means, she was doing that too.

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