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    Hello everyone,

    There doesn’t seem to be a correct place to post this, so I will just put it here.

    Simple question really: if I buy (and read) the book is there any real need for me to continue reading the forum, blog, achieves, etc? I ask not because I wouldn’t like to but rather I have an extremely busy life and if the book covers all the core things, I would opt to not keep searching for answers that are not covered in the book. I guess I’m asking is the book definitive on nutrition, training, and positive lifestyle? Or do you recommend still searching for little gems on here that are not covered in the book?

    Thank you guys. And awesome work all round.

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    The forums are good for support and encouragement, workout ideas, recipes, and things like that. You will do just fine if you read the book and play with the ideas yourself.

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    The book covers everything you need to know but the website is the icing on the cake (not the best analogy I know!). You'll see videos, recipes, and articles by Mark about things that are happening in the world that a static book just can't provide.

    But if you just need a "how to" guide the book is what you need. I just wish there was a Kindle edition. I got my Kindle two weeks ago and I'm hooked on it.

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