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Thread: Australian/New Zealand Lamb- Grassfed?

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    Australian/New Zealand Lamb- Grassfed?

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    My supermarket sells imported Australian/New Zealand Lamb meats, and just yesterday we received a bunch of them and I want to stock up (love Lamb!). I often hear that they all grass fed, and are not fed hormones/antibiotics. Any one familiar with this information and can verified it's truthfulness?

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    I used to think this but I was told yesterday that some Australian lamb is feedlot. This is from someone who worked on a sheep farm. I don't know about NZ sheep.

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    NZ Lamb is grassfed. Don't know about hormones/antibiotics etc. They are pretty strict on the whole hormone thing and farmers would have to have a vet administer a prescription for that. I know that poultry growth hormones were banned here in 1979.
    I'll see what I can find out though as I buy my lamb from two sources, one organic and one non-organic but the farmer sells direct to the public. Generally NZ has a good reputation for animal welfare, food safety and environmental sustainable pastoral systems - but unless it is certified organic you can't be sure the animals haven't grazed on land that has been treated with pesticides and herbicides (if you are at all concerned about that). NZ is not as 'clean and green' as the outside world thinks, but you only learn this after living here. There is a big push to become more 'organic' though and many farmers/market gardeners in all industries are becoming aware of the toll of the overuse of pesticides etc. The NZ Soil & Health Assoc want NZ to become totally organic by 2020.
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    The sell Oz and NZ lamb in the UK, and we don't allow added hormones in our meat, so my guess is that you're pretty safe.

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